Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dee sent me information about changes to Write The Night Away.

Write The Night Away

The schedule of formal meetings for 2011 is different this year. These are the even numbered months and will be held in the Writing Center in the Golisano Gateway on the St. John Fisher Campus on the third Friday of those months. Please note that in the other months, we will have informal meetings in small groups on different days and at different times with programs yet to be determined. Those of you who are interested in the smaller meetings, some of which feature "The Psychology of Creative Writing," will be notified of days, times and places.

April 15

June 17

August 19

October 21

December "Carol The Night Away 6" at the Del Monte Lodge

When: Third Friday of the month

Time: 7:00PM



Golisano Gateway

St. John Fisher College


Drive to the Main Entrance of Fisher at the intersection of Rt. 96 & East Avenue.(which at the point becomes 96 and 31F. There is a light there. When you enter the main entrance ,you will immediately veer to the right (don't go straight) where you will see a sign that says CREATIVE WRITING WORKSHOP. The AB parking lot will be on your direct left with another sign telling you to park there. There are a group of buildings toward the east. Park as close to them as you can get. When you walk toward them, there will be another sign (and my husband) directing you to enter the Scalny Building. There are signs every few feet in the building which lead you directly to the Golisano Gateway where you want to be.


Dee 385-7310

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