Saturday, August 14, 2010

Save it for all time

“Cloud Computing” is the term used to identify the process of storing and/or backing up information away from your computer. The theory is that if something happened, the data is not lost.

There are a few sites that will help with that – some of them free for the first one or two meg. Search “cloud computing” to find them.

What I want you to do is set up an email account with gmail (or whomever you want) and not tell ANYONE (next of kin is okay) the address. (This is your archive; don’t let anyone fill it with garbage.) Then, email all your writing to that account. (The reason I chose gmail is the 750 meg of space they give for free.)

Obviously, you must come up with a unique name for each email. I always start with the name of the story and the date. It makes the list easy to find and easy to sort. Another thing I do is make a folder for each story. If you are working on a novel, the folder is the book title. Each chapter can them be dropped into the proper folder when the email arrives.

Another benefit is anywhere you are with internet access, you have access to your most current work. You will not be able to castigate that with a birch.


  1. Such a good idea. Love this. mmmmm I think I have an unused account. Thanks

  2. I've been emailing myself my work ever since I became paranoid about my computer catching a virus. Which has happened. I've also been told it can help in "copyrighting" your work. Though whether it would hold up in court, I don't know. But any proof you can show will work to your advantage.