Monday, September 21, 2009

Today I submitted my latest short story, Tuesday Sucked, to

I think Thug Lit is a good fit, but the search for a publication didn’t go smoothly. When I started my search, my favorite site,, wasn’t returning anything that seemed quite right. I tried "Writer’s Digest" (print version) with even less success. (It appears to me that "Writer’s Digest" is not set up very well for short fiction.)

I was getting a little desperate (To qualify for a drawing, I had to have my story submitted by the 26th.) when I got an update from Duotrope. (Go to the site, sign up, get the updates.) The update contained a number of sites that were reopening for submissions. There were three on that list that were promising. Thug Lit fits the story perfectly.

Now – I have Christmas Drabble that I need to find a home for. Soon.

As soon as I figure out how to underline on this blog, I will post book titles correctly.

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