Tuesday, September 15, 2009

In response to my last post I was asked what the prompt was that led to “On The Road To Catmanduel.” On November 8, 2007 (right after Halloween) Kim asked us to write on: "You pick up a hitch-hiker. What happens?" (I admit to a fondness for this type of prompt.) As usual, she only gave us ten minutes. (We can almost always talk her into fifteen.)

The beauty of it was that before the time was up I had written a couple hundred words (a lot for me in such a short time), and KNEW THE ENTIRE STORY in my head. For the first, and only, time I was anxious for the group to end so I could get home to write.

It was exciting to race home, grab a soda, pen and paper. (Yes, most of my first drafts are hand written. More on that in a later blog.) In about half an hour the first draft was sitting in front of me and I was doing mental high-fives.

It’s a great feeling to experience that.

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