Friday, September 11, 2009

Exciting news for me. The first short story I sold will be included in the annual anthology of Semaphore Magazine (

The email (in part):
Subject: 2009 Anthology: On the Way to Cathmanduel

Dear Mr. Yates,
Your story "On the Way to Cathmanduel," which was published in the December 2008 issue of Semaphore Magazine, has been very well-received by our readers and I would therefore like to publish it in this year’s Anthology. The Anthology is planned for publication in December this year.

Now, before my head gets too big, I need to point out that the title of the story is “On The Road To Catmanduel.” Not “On The Way.” And not “Cathmanduel.” It’s a little deflating that she didn’t get that correct.

On the other hand, I am psyched that it is the readers that voted the story in. I’m not saying it is the best written story, but I hope it is entertaining. (And for those of you who give Kim a hard time for her writing prompts, this story is a DIRECT result of one of those prompts.)

It’s a GOOD DAY.

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  1. Which writing exercise was it based off?