Sunday, July 12, 2009

A resume doesn’t have to be impressive to sound impressive. What follows is the bio. I used with my first submission. It’s all true. But, really, I’m submitting to a magazine, asking to have my story published. There is nothing here that indicates I have anything special to say.

Yet, I think, in the forty-seven words I used to describe my experience, it doesn’t sound too bad. Not for a person with NO publication credits.

The point is, amp it up. (I don’t suggest you lie, but…) Make it sound as if you know what you are doing. If nothing else, you can look at it and say to yourself, “Hey, not too bad.”

My writing experience includes the writing of technical work procedures for my employer, articles and editorials in my local newspaper, and a writing course with Nancy Kress, multiple Nebula and Hugo winner. I, also, participate in five writers groups and write the newsletter for one of them.

I appreciate your time and consideration, and look forward to your response.


S. Arthur Yates
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